Freelancer Filip Poffe took his first steps in the computer-world in 1983, experimenting with home-computers (Philips MSX, Commodore Amiga, ...). He studied computer-sciences at school and gained his first professional experiences after this in the army and in big international companies, mostly as database programmer/administrator.

As soon as the internet appeared it took directly his interest away by checking out his favourite bands in local internet-cafes. He was so overwhelmed by the impact of it, that he decided to learn webdesign as an auto-didact and following professional courses (internet/intranet webdesign, Photoshop, ...) via different companies, where he later started working as Webmaster.

Later on, he decided to start programming websites himself as freelancer and to offer this service to his wide network of acquaintances in different spheres.

As time went by, social media started to take a very important place in our society. By experiencing the impact of this himself, he saw it as a next logical step to start offering this to his clients (businesses, organisations, bands, individuals) as well.

From his own experiencing point of view he can say that the website of his own martial arts club is the most important source for getting new members. He could also see the impact of sending newsletters, doing social media campaigns, selling via the internet (webshop) and more.

But the absolute highlights so far were the European charts notifications for the German band OOMPH! and the German/American band DIE KRUPPS, as well as the Silver YouTube Creator Award on the channel of OOMPH!, for reaching 100.000 followers thanks to intensive promotion!